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Spending the time to put together a formal job description is a very important aspect of the recruitment process. The Job Description forms an important foundation in terms of job adverts, recruitment, selection and setting the expectations for salary, training and performance management.

The Job Description should give a brief overview of the role, how it fits in to your company structure and visions and should list the key responsibilities, requirements and qualifications required to undertake the role.

Failure to put together a formal job description gives the impression to potential employees that very little thought has been given to the role. In our experience, it also means that it is likely that candidates will withdraw from the recruitment process as they have minimal information available about the role.

Key Points

  • The Job Description should where possible include a brief overview of the company and where the role fits within the organisation.
  • Provide information about who the role reports to and where possible the make up of the team.
  • The description should ideally give a minimum of six key responsibilities that the candidate will undertake.
  • When stating the qualifications / experience required, avoid stating number of years experience as this can be a problem with age discrimination laws. Use terms such as Proven IT Management experience.
  • Use the description to sell your organisation and the role to potential employees, failure to do so will reduce the quality of candidates applying for your roles.

If you require any assistance putting together a job description, we are more than happy to provide you with a template and look to work with you to provide a comprehensive job description to assist your hiring process.

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